Handling of personal information

Privacy Policy

Edge limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as "the company") and comply with the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information and other standards to promote the appropriate use of personal information and manage to run and maintain the following personal information protection policy.

1. Basic stance

To implement this policy the company's personal information and anonymous information (below, personal information, etc.) of will maintain and improve internal regime regarding the handling and awareness to our employees, contractors and other concerned parties, to be made appropriately.

2. Appropriate management

1.We strive we keep accurate and up-to-date personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
2.Appropriate safety management measures, as well as take necessary corrective measures in order to prevent loss of personal information, disclosure, destruction, modification,.

3. Purpose of use, etc.

1.Per our personal information by lawful and fair means do this explicitly when you get what you need and the purpose of use of personal information at our Web site, or notice.
2.If the company indirectly acquires personal information to stated requirements such as purpose of use of personal information on our Web site, etc..

4. Compliance with the purpose of use

1.We are also proper procedures and use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use.
2.If the company uses personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use, consent and notify in advance thereof, will confirm your intentions.

5. Provision to third parties

Company offers to partners and other entities through the procedures required by the laws and other personal data.

6. Supervision of outsourcee

If we outsource the handling of personal information safety management of personal information to appropriate supervision.

7. Disclosure and correction of personal data, etc.

The company whereas the retained personal data disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., and promptly confirm the person in question.

8. Handling of anonymous information

1.The requirements required by the laws and other regulations when we create anonymous information or to provide the website at.
2.Our safety management anonymous information stipulated in the regulations.

Date of establishment 7/6/2017
Changed Jan 24, 2020

Regarding the handling of personal information

And be asked to provide personal information about the purpose of its use, and purpose of use of retained personal data

1.We are enquiring customers about us within the scope of our business objectives set forth in the following implementation of the deal or no deal, and our products and services, including marketing activities, such as providing information deemed useful and appropriate for the customer, as well as the market research will be used.

(1) acquisition of real estate, ownership, disposition and lease
(2) real estate management and use
(3) buying and selling of real estate, brokerage and research, etc.
(4) non-life insurance and small short term insurance agency
(5) investment for special purpose companies, special purpose company (provided for in the financial statements. terminology, forms and how to create a rule) and real estate investment trusts and equity trading, brokerage and management
(6) holding of securities, loans, management, etc.
(7) real estate, securities and other financial assets investment advisory services
(8) sales of clothing and household goods
(9) any other prior incidental to business

2.Above 1. Because of the introduction of the business objectives set forth in relevant products and services.

3.Above 1. And 2. To provide to third parties in the scope necessary to achieve the stated objectives.
Also will be used regardless of the above if you have more specific purposes, otherwise, its purpose.

Provision to a third party of personal information

1.Our cases based on laws and regulations, as well as the "and be asked to provide personal information about its purpose and the purpose of use of retained personal data" in the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use stated in 3, customers may provide customers ' personal information to third parties such as partners.
2.Limiting the information you provide will be projects required in addition to your name, address, telephone number, and the minimum required items.
3.Providing electronic data, and conducted by mail, phone, FAX, e-mail, electronic media such as writing, if you provide to a third party, and to ensure your safety, passing encrypted the pass.
4.Due to request from the customer, we will suspend provision to third parties. To contact us, please.

Handling of personal information on linked pages

This website offers customers referring links to Web sites of other companies to provide customers with useful information and services to you. Regarding the collection of personal information on linked websites, we are not responsible. We make our own judgment.

Date of establishment 7/6/2017
Changed Jan 24, 2020

Inquiries concerning personal information

In our inquiries and correction of personal information, suspension, complaint and disclosure below.

1. Correction, suspension of use, please contact, such as complaints
Please contact below. Fee is not required.
If the agent entrusted by the person to offer, such as the legal representative of a minor or an adult ward or correction, suspension of use, you should request the correction, suspension of use, please 2. procedures similar to "request for disclosure".
Below 2. 1To see 3. Fee is not required.
Please note that the cannot respond to inquiries regarding the non-personally identifiable information.

Edge, LLC
5-21-7-106 Horinouchi, Ichikawa City, Chiba 272-0837 (Rotary Palace Ichikawa Kita)
TEL047-375-5521 FAX:047-317-5538

2. If you're looking for disclosure
1. Disclosure requests
Please make sure to include the necessary documents in the following address and the prescribed documents, and make a request by mail.
In addition, i would appreciate it if you could write "Disclosure invoice in the present" in red on the envelope.
Billing address
Edge, LLC
5-21-7-106 Horinouchi, Ichikawa City, Chiba 272-00837 (Rotary Palace Ichikawa Kita)

2. During the disclosure process and submit documents (form)
When requesting disclosure of the following invoice is(A)Thank you Bill and then fill in the prescribed documents for identity verification(B)Newsletter, by mail to the above 1.
A. The company's prescribed request form
B. Documents for identity verification
A copy of your driver's license or insurance card

3. Request for disclosure by an agent
If the agent entrusted by the person who makes the disclosure requests to the request of the legal representative of a minor or an adult ward or disclosure, in addition to the 2 above documents, please enclose the following documents (A or B).
A. If the legal representative of the
-One to ensure that guardianship documents (including a copy of the family register, guardian dependent health insurance card)
-One to confirm legal representative who identity documents (copy of a legal driver's license and health insurance card)
B. If the Attorney
Power of Attorney 1
-1 documents (copy of driver's license of an agent or your health insurance card) to verify the identity of agents who

4. Fees and payments
1Each charge separately for ¥ 1500. Money orders of 1500 yen (issued by post office) Please enclose the invoice documents.
• * Us postage, purchase a publication fees are guests will be borne by the customer.
/ * If the commissions were scarce, and payment within the specified period of time would contact that does not enclose the fee is if you do not had no request for disclosure as we respond.

5. Method of responding to requests for disclosure
Address provided on the invoice notification mailing address would answer in writing.

6. "Purpose of use" of your request for disclosure of personal information
Along with your request for disclosure of personal information is handled within the scope necessary for disclosure.

7. Non-disclosure of retained personal data
Shall then be happy and non-disclosure. Note that if the non-disclosure will also fee.
-If you cannot verify identity, such as when the address stated on the invoice does not match the address listed for identification documents
And if you can't be verified upon request by a representative
If you do not fall subject to request for disclosure of retained personal data
And if that may harm the rights and interests of the other person or a third party's life, body, property
And if there is fear of impeding the proper conduct of the business of the company
And if you thing that violates other laws and regulations

Date of establishment 7/6/2017
Changed Jan 24, 2020