1 minutes walk from Honjo azumabashi bridge at the foot of Asakusa, Tokyo sky tree town originates real estate information!
Tokyo Metropolitan and Kansai region mainly manages the real estate around the country.
Suitable for each and every customer edge(Properties and methods)We propose, we care about your life!


「縁合同会社」The Honjo-azumabashi STA., Tokyo sky tree station Oshiage station, is a real estate company to access multiple station Asakusa Station is within walking distance of the hotel is located.



4One "rim(Enishi)"


National team profile


Born in Yachiyo city, Chiba Prefecture(Legal domicile is Sumida-ku, Tokyo) Chiba Prefecture Ichikawa city.

After graduating from University, home sale is starting real estate trading specialist(Present address: residential building trades workers)Get management operations chief qualification, qualification, and in 2002(0/2002)4On the real estate industry(Toshima-Ku, Tokyo Office)On joining the company.

Tokyo and for business in the real estate industry business in Chiba Prefecture(I, j-REIT funds, corporate-owned offices, stores, etc.)Leasing broker, sell, rental management, ready-built housing planning, follow-up, and brokerage(Actual residential and income property)Experience.

Past three times during the two-year planning, management of real estate investment seminars conducted.
2017On February 4, conduct real estate investment seminars, planning your win initially 20 students recruitment for venue change to attract more than 50 persons nominal, attended.

2017In July,「縁合同会社」Established.
2017And get a real estate broker in August and started operations.

Directions to seminar on future real estate brokerage and leasing brokerage business, mainly as the transmission of information to the customer any interview interview, column s, income property and residential real through activities.

Real estate related post interview (2017Posted on September 1, minutes)
-Easy Street real estate investment 11/2015 4, newspaper

On-call cone news 3/2017 12,

Call cone News 4/2017 25, posted on

Call cone News 4/2017 29, posted on

Call cone News 6/2017 13, posted on

Call cone News 8/2017 14, posted on

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