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Owners unknown mansion.

Everyone, good evening!
This is the rim joint representative Abiko.

Well, now is natural as is not an issue
FutureVacant house owners don't know problemWe felt at that time will come.

And say what I mean
In the inheritance problemState do not know who will take over the property ownership, inheritance is incompleteSuch as the called.

Detached house,
If you leaveDilapidated buildingsし、
Danger of collapse are concerned.

Area condo as well,
You will experience problems such as rebuilding resolution.

On the rebuilding of condominiums
In a special resolutionFour-fifths of the condominium owners consent is requiredTo become a
Cannot count a proportion of bonuses for resolution more if owner unknown
Cannot ever be rebuilt.

In order to continue growing like this situation,
How to how to tax and, etc.
Measures have become necessary in every aspect.
In addition, when it comes to property owner cannot be determined,
Managed by the national and local governments
Flexible properties, also will propose best practices idea isn't?
Feel these days.

I look forward to others opinions of you.
Regarding inheritance related we will occasionally make blog.

I look forward opinions, etc. we see themes picked up hope"!
Real estate troubles, etc.は、
To please feel free to contact us!
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