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3Through the seminar…

Everyone, good evening!
This is the rim joint representative Abiko.

11October 10, 27, yesterday 3 times in a row
The seminar was jointly held.

Thank you very much for your participation in customer!

You may now, in this three-part seminar I taught myself.

Worked at the management company about eight years centered on Office management experience
Before I was doing property management company.
Our current management, but
And the somber work was doneEnd users are
How about property management good deal with grapple,
Management fees are appropriate and do not
A selection of questions found there.

Property purchase and are there conditional sales property management
You can proceed to the property management contract,
A little bit over time"? "There seems to be surprising and often realized.

Property rental management alone can have various questions I know,
Buy, sell, rent, who lend
Time when sold at the purchase, rent lease, lend lease, move in, leave, etc.:
I felt as well as being spent many doubts remain in various aspects.


The next year,Referring a case study
Individual consultationWhile
Could hold seminars and study.

I would like to make to the WEB-enabled can be like a.

Even a little stand to assist,
And forward to your interest in real estate.

From this we thank.

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