1 minutes walk from Honjo azumabashi bridge at the foot of Asakusa, Tokyo sky tree town originates real estate information!
Tokyo Metropolitan and Kansai region mainly manages the real estate around the country.
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The origin of the name of the sky…

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Now,The origin of the name of the Tokyo sky treeThe did you know?

Is tentative until the decision to officially name"New Tokyo Tower.Referred to was likely.
The official name is 18606 views submitted by the public naming ideas from
Composed of 10 expertsNew Tower name Review CommitteeBy6One in the candidateWas narrowed.

The name criteria
The beauty of wordsAndFamiliarity and ease of useEtc.

6One candidate name
"Tokyo sky tree"
Tokyo EDO Tower
Rising Tower
"Mirai Tower.
"Yume Miyako-kurara.
Rising East Tower

2008In the spring,Popular vote through the InternetThe result of
Decided on the "Tokyo sky tree" most votes!
It was at this time via Internet voting!

By the way, in the public o-Edo Tower most commonly asked is,
Located near Tower construction siteDetermine the name of the Tower in anticipation of confectionery (8 honpo forest co., Ltd.), already get a trademarkAnd,
3Even the largest Sakura TowerAlready been registered trademark, and Sakura Tower Takanawa Prince HotelFor it is not.
Ueno Zoo's Giant Panda and Shang Xiang is the same as I.

New Tokyo Tower was being used as a tentative similar name to an existing Tower,
BuildingThat have nothing to with Japan radio tower company which manages Tokyo TowerEach is removed from the candidate.

"Tokyo sky tree"Registered trademark of Tobu railway and Tobu Tower sky treeです!

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And bring attention to the city and history
I'm glad if it connects to a revitalization of the city!

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