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I went to Tori!

Ladies and gentlemen, the evening

The other dayShrine of Taito-kuTori no ichiOn the go!

Since we began sales in the winter for the first time,
Tori has no atmosphere, so did not know what

By the way, what is the "winter"?

Shrine of Japan's gems (otori shrine, shrine Steller, an Eagle shrine = otori shrine) of the events of the year in the
Held each year on the day of the 11th month of the Rooster
Over bustling city that seems to be was said and "gems".
Matsuri Festival, "o酉様" and also is known.

With lots of maskGood luck rakeSpecialties at the
For the new yearFestive wish for good luck and happiness, prosperityIs familiar with.

By the way, Tori's events from the Edo period,
And its origin is the Steller shrine of hanamatamura (present Tokyo Adachi-Ku)
Neighboring farmersCelebrating the autumn harvestAre dedicated chicken Eagle Dai-Myojin in the beginning.As it is said.
Chicken was dedicated is transported to the Senso-ji Temple of Asakusa after the Festival, is shot in the temple.

Evolve Festival, wishing good luck and happiness, prosperity and
In addition to good luck rakeYazu (a kind of taro)AndGolden rice cake (mochi millet)As children become more popular,
The first Festival for new yearEstablished by and.

Disciples of BashoAnd anglePoem is such clause.
"Waiting for spring to start and rakes.

Kanto, mainly around Japanese festivals held at!
Below is the famous shrine.
1 Steller shrine (Adachi-Ku, Tokyo) * winter cradle
2 One of the three great shrine (Taito-ku, Tokyo) * Kanto winter
3 One of the Hanazono shrine (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) * Kanto three gems
4 Okunitama shrine (Fuchu, Tokyo) * Kanto three winter one
5 Great bird's nest men shrine (Nagoya-Shi Nakamura-Ku)
6 Length-ji Temple (Naka-ku, Nagoya)
7 Daian-ji Temple (Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka Prefecture).
8 Otori shrine (Nishi-Ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka)

By the wayGood luck rake"Chic" and how to buyDo you know?!

Good luck rake is as the name suggests.With lots of luck rakeIt is.
This was originallyThe rake as the farm was sold in the winter
One lucky and AG to piece together an analogy
Decorate various auspicious thing then became that trapped sense of prosperity and happiness
It is.

RakeI hope every one to replaceAnd,
実はGood luck haggle if Thai.とされています。

How to buy chic good luck rake
1 First listen to the price
2 Haggling
3 Further haggling
4 More haggling
5 Calculate the deals!

However,A bonus that buy cheap as is strictly forbidden!
Payment at price first heard,
Asked for a discount: change the pass!

To do this,I bought (won)Defeated (lost)And is taste and was feeling out the gratuity, struck the hand swinging and open-hearted communication to customers, shops were charged gratuity will feel out of, around people who also participated in the hand, become more cheerful.

It bought and then rake the
So they greatly aloft as a takeaway
Decorate a bit higher toward the entrance, entrance, or altar, celebrates the new year.

So I didn't know that "knocked the pass in the gratuity", etc.
I try to practice next year!

Keep the culture such as Japan,
Take an interest in Japan
People to live permanently in Japan, etc.I go to connect to the revitalization of Japan!

About the broken "minpaku" or "Tokyo sky tree", etc.,
So we will continue here
Please thank you from it!